HOUSE OF CHARITY Bringing Healing, Help and Hope to the Poor and Suffering Worldwide... A Houston, Texas based 501 c (3) Non-Profit Organization
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Since 1999
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Hashmat Effendi is the  founder of the House of Charity. She is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to developing countries in South Asia, Latin America, and Africa.  more
MEDICAL MISSIONS 	Vietnam Mission 	Bolivia Mission 	Kerala Mission 	Burn Center 	Dow Medical 	Shalamar Hospital HEALING HOME 	Healing Home 	Before & After 	Our Motivation 	Our Work RESOURCE AID 	Local to Local 	Global Resource 	Flood Relief 	Local Resource Aid Supporters & Volunteers We would like to recognize the friends of the House of Charity, for without their help and care, the struggle to bring light to our children around the world would be a much greater challenge.
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The House of Charity is a nonprofit, charitable organization that heals and changes the lives of suffering children and their families around the globe. We envision a world in which all children and their families receive the opportunity to develop into healthy and compassionate adults regardless of their financial condition. more
Collection Drive 	Full House at Healing Home  	Log onto our Facebook page to meet the kids. Mayor of Houston 	Top 25 woman of Houston Award  	Top Rated NonProfit 2012 	Congresswoman Sheila Jackson 	Congressman Al Green 	Mayor of Sugar Land