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Global Resource Aid Resource Aid provides shipments of medical supplies, equipment, relief items, and ambulances to resource limited facilities. We believe that by partnering with resource-limited facilities we will provide capacity building to improve the quality of life of underserved segment of our global society.                      House of Charity participates in Henry Schein Cares                Global product donation program  House of Charity connects engaged donors to those who lack basic  necessities for a healthy life, both in Houston and internationally.  Our  primary work has been in collection and distribution of resources disaster relief, medical and surgical equipments, Hospital and clinic furniture and construction items. This is a fact that in developing countries are constantly facing a lack of supplies. An old Chinese saying says: “Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach a person how to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime”.  Through Worldwide Resource Aid health professionals around the globe are given specialized skills and capacity to provide treatments on their own — making far greater and ongoing impact than could be achieved with international Medical Missions alone. Improvements in patient care have contributed significantly to decreased levels of mortality and disability in individuals born in rich countries. However, only limited application of this knowledge and technology has occurred in lower-resource countries, which currently do not have comprehensive services for care and prevention, and where 85 percent of the world’s 6 billion people live.  The greatest burden of disease, disability, and death is borne by the poor and underprivileged populations of the world because of shortages of health care professionals, lack of equipment, supplies and access to knowledge base.  There are huge gaps in current health delivery systems in developing countries. Worldwide Resource AID delivers medical supplies, equipments and relief items  to the underserved segment of our global community where these supplies are severally needed and are generally unavailable. With this in mind Worldwide Resource AID is designed to deliver all three together focus from curative, to preventative, to promotive, to community-based, to holistic health care.  Worldwide Resource AID was conceived, developed and initiated using The House of Charity experience of tackling various surgical conditions while conducting Medical & Surgical Missions and models used in WHO projects for improving health care quality.  Worldwide Resource AID aims to reduce challenges and barriers faced by health professionals with a view to maximizing quality and quantity of surgical treatments by focusing on "A process of change" by connecting the gap between the Haves & Haves Not’s. Shipment request Please complete the form to order the shipment.  After reviewing you application Resource AID will contact you directly. Upgrading Hospitals Resource Aid Form To get the information on containers or to donate medical supplies and equipment please email us Email us at: resourceaid@houseofcharity.com
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