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HOUSE OF CHARITY Bringing Healing, Help and Hope to the Poor and Suffering Worldwide... A Houston, Texas based 501 c (3) Non-Profit Organization
Since 1999
Healing Home This is by far our most extensive program. The House of Charity provides medical care and convalescence to children who are underprivileged and in critical need of specialized surgical care for severe burns, other traumatic accidents and congenital birth deformities. The Healing Home is a large part of this program and provides these children with a home during their surgical stay as well as food, clothing, transportation and any other needs they may have.  The Healing Home can accommodate up to 11 children at one time.  A registered nurse is on staff at the home around the clock. Before the Healing Home, we housed the children in apartments, hotel rooms and volunteers' homes.  In April of 2002 the Board of Directors decided to move forward with its plan of purchasing a home that would be a permanent location to accommodate these children. We searched Houston for the perfect location and found duplexes in West Houston. The house is within walking distance of grocery stores and the metro bus stop. After long negotiations we were able to reach an agreement and signed a contract in June 2002. We then launched a campaign to raise the necessary funds for a down payment and secured a loan for the remaining amount.  The two duplexes have two units each. We have remodeled one duplex for our use and rented the other unit to offset the mortgage until it is paid off.  Just over three weeks after we closed on the property we were able to move the children to the Healing Home. The Healing Home is more than just a place to stay for these children. We are providing a safe and comfortable environment for these children to not only heal physically, but also heal the mental wounds they have received from a life of special challenges, neglect and ridicule. We are helping them grow confident and self-reliant by teaching them the necessary skills to survive in this world. The most beautiful part about The Healing Home is that it brings children from different areas and backgrounds together to come and live under one roof, just like a family. The House of Charity Healing Home is a total care and development center. Convalescences, physical, and emotional healing, recreation, education, and schooling are also provided under its roof in family oriented environment. The results are amazing as the children heal fast and their self-confidence and self esteem blossoms and develops. They learn to live for today and tomorrow, no longer overwhelmed by their torturous past. The House of Charity Healing Home - A Haven for Medically Needy Children By: Laurie Johnson, HPR-KUFH 88.7 FM   The House of Charity in Houston provides free surgeries and medical care to nearly 800 children a year. As Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson reports, the "House of Charity brings children from around the world to Houston to receive the highest quality medical care".  The House of Charity is nearly hidden at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in West Houston. From the outside, it's nothing remarkable -- just a two-story house with tan siding. But step inside the courtyard and you feel almost as though you're stepping into another country. Bright birds are singing in a large cage in the corner. The walls are painted purple, green, turquoise and yellow. And paper lanterns and streamers are festooned across the rafters. The Healing Home can house as many as 20 children at a time for medical and surgical care. The children suffer from cleft lip and palate, amputations, and some of the most extreme electrical and acid burns. Fourteen-year-old Azima is from   Pakistan. She is a quadruple amputee -no hands, no feet. This is her third trip to the U.S. to receive medical care &   prosthetics. "I really like it here and I've got my new prosthesis. And everyone is so good and you know I get my free treatment. It's just so good for me and the people are so loving and caring. And I even have extra activities to do here and it's very good." Azima has been here for three months already, going through rehab and learning how to use her new prosthetic hands and feet. The House of Charity has about 90 volunteers and receives donated medical services from about 90 doctors and health professionals, mostly in the Houston-Galveston area. Some of the patients end up staying here as long as two years. Hashmat Effendi says that they are able to do all of this -- provide transportation, medical services and housing -- through donations from our generous donors. Laurie Johnson, Houston Public Radio News.
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