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Our Founder Hashmat Effendi is a woman often compared to an angel from heaven. As the founder of the House of Charity, her efforts have contributed in helping hundreds of thousands of suffering children worldwide. Starting humanitarian work at a very young age, she soon realized that this was truly her passion.  Effendi organizes teams of medical professionals from the United States to travel to various developing countries and perform surgeries for children with congenial deformities and severe burns.  These medical missions occur all over the world in countries such as India, Bolivia, Vietnam, Egypt, Nairobi, Mexico, Thailand, and Morocco. Travelling around the globe, Hashmat witnessed extremely poverty-stricken areas throughout the world, and because of this, her heart lies in the venture to help the underprivileged.   Hashmat Effendi's experiences in charitable work have been persistent all throughout her life. At a young age, Effendi became known for her commitment to serve people. On her walks home, she often distributed vitamins to the needy children in her area.  She would also bring poor children home with her to bathe and feed them. As she grew older her charitable contributions increased, her efforts went into volunteering at orphanages, teaching poor girls to sew, and distribute food, candies and books.  In recognition of her services she received her first award in 1976 for being 'The Most Helpful Student.' Effendi received numerous awards throughout her adolescence. Nevertheless, what is more important is that she has made a positive difference in the lives of many children.   "On behalf of the House of Charity, I would like to thank all the supporters, volunteers, and doctors for giving generous support to our organization and helping the children and making a difference in their lives." Said Hashmat Effendi
HOUSE OF CHARITY Bringing Healing, Help and Hope to the Poor and Suffering Worldwide... A Houston, Texas based 501 c (3) Non-Profit Organization
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